This has been an incredibly difficult year. One that nobody could have predicted. We have gone from a pandemic that caused the world to shut down, to distance learning, to riots and protests, to wearing masks and washing our hands until they hurt. We have seen the best and the worst of humanity. It has caused us to look deep within our own hearts and conjure up the honesty to reflect on what is happening in our world, and to make any necessary changes in whatever bias’s or judgments we may knowingly or unknowingly hold.

When a social worker calls a foster parent for a placement, we are only given the gender and the age. We aren’t told the color of their skin, or their nationality, their religion, or sexual identity. We don’t know whether they have a learning or emotional disability. We don’t know whether they are overweight or underweight, have purple hair or a nose ring, or if they come from a wealthy or a poor neighborhood. What we do know is that this infant, child, or teen has just experienced a major trauma and they need a safe place that is warm and accepting, no matter how they appear on the outside. There is no room for bias, or judgement, only room to bring them in with arms open wide. This is how we train foster/resource parents, and this is how we want Expressions of Hope to be represented in this community.

My desire is that Expressions of Hope is always known as a place that welcomes and accepts whoever, regardless of their color, size, or shape, that walks through the door. We are called to serve with love, and that is our mission. This month, we have been honored to provide another photo sitting for a graduating senior (see the thank you note below, it is meant for all of you who share in this mission with us) a boxing bag and gloves set up for a newly adopted 6 yr old, clothing and shoes for several families, new twin mattresses, and we also had our first in person support groups since the pandemic started.

We are so grateful to be able to serve our community and make a difference even while there is so much uncertainty, unrest and at times chaos around us. Thank you for partnering with us and believing in us! We appreciate each of you!




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