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All across America, during the month of May, foster parents are recognized for their commitment, perseverance, and love given to children in their care. I came across a quote from a “love recklessly” post that says, “ When working with young people, there are times when you will see results in 10 seconds, and there are times you won’t see it for 10 years. Either way, keep planting those seeds of character, eventually they bloom.” For many foster parents, they are not able to see the end result, but they can be satisfied knowing that for the short period of time the child was in there home, they made a difference.

EOH was honored to recognize the work that these foster parents do each and every day. We collaborated with Napa County and Lilliput,  to put together a bag of gifts that got delivered to each home. There was something for everyone! Then, the following week, one of our own foster parents who does catering made a delicious meal that was individually packed and given to foster families so they could have the night off from cooking. Your donations helped us honor our Napa County Foster Parents this month, and I am so grateful!

We were also able to provide 2 bikes, and a kid’s tablet. Through the Foster Kids Fund, we provided senior pictures for 2 teens and a high school yearbook. We continue to have Zoom support group meetings and provide clothing, gift cards and other necessary items as needed.

Thank you for your continued support, and for helping us reach into the foster care community. We could not do this without you!



Cookies from Brewed

Cookies from Brewed

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